WordPress to Ghost - A Move in Progress

For a while I'd been thinking about moving this site to Ghost, and a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and do just that. It wasn't an easy decision, and it did take me a bit of time to complete the transition because of the shortcodes I'd »

WordPress Widgets API: Behind the Scenes (Part Two)

In a previous post on the WordPress Widgets API, I outlined the difference between widget types and widget type instances and explained how WordPress currently registers the former. In addition to being able to register and unregister widget types, the WP_Widget_Factory object also initiates the registration of widget »

WordPress Widgets API: Behind The Scenes (Part One)

In order to create a custom widget, you must extend WordPress's base widget class, WP_Widget, and override several of its methods which are responsible for displaying the content of the widget, outputting the widget options form, and updating these widget options when the form is saved. The WordPress codex »

WordPress Re-Order - Change CSS and JS Loading Order

The majority of WordPress Themes and Plugins out there load a number of files with them. These files are typically a combination of CSS and JS files required for functionality and overall appearance. The problem is, they're not loaded in any real order, except the one specified by the plugin »

Arguments and Wordpress add_action / add_filter functions

WordPress theme and plugin developers will be familiar with action and filter hooks. The add_action and add_filter functions have counterparts (do_action and apply_filters) which execute the function attached to the hook and can accept arguments. However, there are some occasions when it »

Colorful Clicks WordPress Plugin Available Now

Colorful Clicks makes clicking on your site more visual, it adds a colorful circle when a user clicks. As you can probably tell this plugin was intended as just a bit of fun. Although while it started out as a fun project it's become clearer that this could be useful, »

Random Post Animated Widget - WordPress Plugin

Installing the Random Post Animated widget plugin creates a widget that selects a list of hyperlinks to the posts on your WordPress site, based on criteria you specify in the widget settings, and randomly displays them according to an adjustable time interval. This gives your posts additional visibility and encourages »