Get Original Image Dimensions with JavaScript

Working with images is typically simple in HTML, all you need is the image tag. Getting the original image dimensions is something that can be more confusing. For example, if you've scaled an image using CSS percentages, or you're loading an picture on to the HTML5 Canvas. Using something like »

Optimizing Website Images | HTML and WordPress

Working with images on the web is never as easy as it should be. There are always considerations to take into account such as website loading times and serving responsive smaller images to mobile devices, and Retina images on certain devices. Optimizing website images can help you reduce the filesize »

Optimize Images for the Web with Prepros

Prepros is best known as preprocessing software, designed to make it easier and more accessible to developers who work with CSS and HTML preprocessors like SCSS, LESS and HAML. Prepros makes it quick and easy, you just select your working folder and then Prepros does all the work, automatically compiling »