jQuery UI Datepicker and Timepicker

The jQuery UI datepicker can be a really useful addition to a user interface, but it's missing one thing, a timepicker. By default there's no obvious solution, but there is a third party plugin which can be used. jQuery Timepicker Addon is a free, MIT licensed solution created by Trent »

jQuery UI Autocomplete on Text Inputs

jQuery UI autocomplete allows you to specify an array of words / suggestions for text box content. Typically this used to display common searches or popular entries. The way the effect will look is similar to the one used currently by Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you start typing your search »

jQuery UI Sortable List with Ajax Feedback Example

The jQuery UI contains a Sortable widget that is ideal for creating sortable unordered list items quickly and painlessly. Using jQuery Ajax, this article will demonstrate one way that the order of list items can be stored and updated on the server without the need for a form submit button »