Is SMS Marketing the New Email Marketing?

Recently there have been a few big product launches that have suggested SMS marketing could soon replace email marketing as the go to tool for promoting products. It makes sense, people have always got their phones with them, whereas they might not always have access to their emails, for example »

Splash Page Design | Why They're Used & How They Work

Splash pages are used more and more at the moment, and with this splash page design becomes essential. They're a great way of grabbing peoples attention and building subscribers, when time is limited. For example, if you're promoting a special offer, or a limited time offer. While you might promote »

Keyword Research and Finding Long Tail Keywords

Keyword research is something that's all too often overlooked when starting a new web project. I know it's something that I've had problems with in the past, I used to come up with a site idea, and that was it – I was ready to get started right away and create »

Banner Advertising on the Web - Is it Still Effective?

When it comes to advertising on the web it divides opinion, there are those who absolutely hate all forms of marketing and other who actually like it. I'd of thought though that to vast majority of people advertising, and banner advertising in particular is not noticed or simply ignored. That's »

jQuery Banner Rotator - Lightweight and Easy to Use

Banner rotators have long been a popular tool in the internet marketing and advertising. They allow marketers and advertisers to use multiple banners in one slot on a website with a random banner from a predefined selection being chosen everytime someone visits the page or the page is refreshed. Banner »