HTML5 Canvas Reveal Image with Cursor | Pinhole Effect

It never ceases to amaze me just how versatile the HMTL5 canvas is, and just how much it scared me when I first saw it. Even though the HTML5 canvas can seem intimidating with its complex API, persevering can be very worthwhile, and something that's made easier with some of »

Responsive HTML5 Canvas | A Pure CSS Solution

The task of creating a responsive HTML5 Canvas element might seem like something that would be difficult to achieve. I know that's what I though when I first started looking into how it could be achieved. In reality though, it's something that can often be solved with a small and »

HTML5 Canvas | Animated Website Background

Traditionally website backgrounds have been added using CSS. That's the traditional way, but now adding an animated website background is not only possible, but made easier using the HTML5 Canvas element. Gone are the days where you're limited to a static image being added through the CSS background or background-image »

HTML5 Canvas - Some Amazingly Impressive Examples

It has always amazed me some of the creations that people have made using the HTML5 Canvas tag. This tag has added so much potential to what can be achieved through HTML and JavaScript. I just thought I'd take the opportunity in this post to share with you some of »