Prevent Directory Browsing - Simple HTML Solution

Websites are typically made up of multiple directories, containing a mass of images, HTML, and JavaScript. One solution is to prevent directory browsing by adding a single HTML file to every directory that you don't want people to be able to see the contents of. To demonstrate this I've created »

Adding Navigation Menu Icons using Font Awesome

Navigation menu icons can be a great way of providing a visual representation of a pages content. They can be combined with text, or used on their own. The way the modern web is, navigation on different websites is largely similar, and with this has come a icons which are »

HTML5 Video - Run Function After x Seconds

This article is going to look at how you can start using a technique that's popular in Internet Marketing. One which is commonly seen on sales pages. With this a user has to watch a certain amount of a video before the call to action is loaded / another function is »

HTML Image Sprites with Hover Events for Icons

HTML Images Sprites work by combining multiple images into a single image with a transparent background. This large single images consisting of multiple smaller ones is then used as the src for multiple image tags. Coordinates are used to select specific images from the sprite. For example: This is a »

Create a Simple HTML and CSS Tooltip

Tooltips are a useful way of quickly displaying additional information and hints above words or phrases added in the HTML.  When the keyword or phrase is hovered over the helper text appears. Foundation Zurb and Bootstrap both include ways of adding tooltips, as well as jQueryUI, by default. This tutorial »

HTML Forms - Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

HTML and CSS normally work together perfectly, neither being truly useful without the other. When it comes to HTML forms though it becomes more of a struggle between the two. Input elements are used to create HTML forms, and these elements have limited styling options available. Things like text inputs »