Animated Flag Waving Effect with TxtWav

In the past I've created a few text effect examples, but never an animated flag waving effect. When I came across Txt.Wav I was really impressed with it's simplicity and animation options that were available. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to create an effect reminiscent of the »

Bubbling Text Effect | No Canvas Required

In the past I've posted article on creating text effects. This time it's bubbling text effect, where the bubbles appear from behind the text, float up, fade out and are then removed from the page. While this might be something that would be more commonly associated with the HTML5 canvas, »

Shaking Text Effect on Hover | Pure CSS Example

I love creating interesting text effects, and as much as I like JavaScript, I prefer to use only CSS when possible. The shaking text effect that I'm going to show you in this article is pure CSS, but it can be expanded on using jQuery to make it more versatile. »

Stop a CSS3 Animation on its Last Frame

CSS3 Animation allows you to animate HTML elements with ease and only using only HTML and CSS. That means there's no need for jQuery, JavaScript or most importantly Flash. This animated content offers a lot of versatility and is widely supported. There is one thing that's not immediately obvious though »

Animated Website Links using only CSS

In HTML links are added using a href tags, by default these tags are blue and the text is underlined. They are clearly links which is important but they're not the most interesting thing to look at or use. This article is going to look at styling and animating these »

Create a CSS Loader using only HTML and CSS Animation

A Loader is an animation shown when a page / content is loading, it's something to simply show that something is happening. It's basically a simple loading screen but instead of showing progress it just shows a repeating animation. Loaders have typically been created a gif images, mainly because of the »

CSS3 Animated Backgrounds - Infinite Scrolling Background

CSS3 massively expanded the possibilities of what can be achieved with just CSS. One of the big additions was the ability to create pure CSS animations. This post will demonstrate how you can create a CSS3 animated background that constantly scrolls horizontally. CSS3 Animated Background – Tutorial With the background having »

CSS Animation Keyframes and W3 Validation Solution

CSS animation keyframes came in as part of the CSS3 specification, and have greatly increased the flexibility of web development. They have provided a web standard for simpler animations. Animations that can play when a page is opened and repeat indefinitely. Browser support does remains an issue though, with it »