My Top CodePen Examples - January 2016

I'm not sure what the reason for this theme is. Maybe I've been watching too much Tanked, but the theme of my favorite CodePen examples this month is fish. So why fish? Apart from watching too much tanked. Fish have complex shapes and complex movements. They're not easy to recreate »

My Top November 2015 CodePen Examples - SVG Pens

Welcome to the November edition of my favorite CodePen examples. Every month I choose a theme and list some of my favorite examples of work created by talented web developers from around the world. Each month I choose a particular theme to focus on, last month the theme was Halloween, »

Happy Halloween & My Top October 2015 CodePen Examples

Welcome to the October edition of my favorite CodePen examples of the month. Firstly I'd like to say Happy Halloween to everyone. Halloween is going to be the overwhelming theme in this edition. This post will be looking at what CodePen users have created to mark this occasion. Firstly I've »

My Top CodePen Examples of September 2015

Welcome to the second edition of my favorite CodePen example of the month. This month I'm focusing on the amazing examples of works that have been created using CSS animations and transitions. If you've got any personal top examples that I've not included please leave a comment below, I'd love »

My Top CodePen Examples of August 2015

Every month amazing examples of web development and just what is possible are posted on CodePen. Some are handpicked and shown on the main page of that site, but I thought I'd start selecting some that I think are fantastic. I plan on posting one of these articles every month »