Add a jQuery Check All Button

Checkboxes are an essential component of web forms. Adding a jQuery check all button can speed up the process of selecting them, admittedly not by much, but depending on what you need it for then it can improve user interaction. After all, anything that improves the user experience might be »

jQuery Detect if a Checkbox is Checked

Detecting whether a checkbox is checked or not can be a really useful. Luckily jQuery makes the process of finding out very easy. For example if you had a simple checkbox like this: See the Pen Example by html5andblog (@html5andblog) on CodePen. <input type="checkbox" id="jquery-checkbox-detect" /> < »

HTML Forms - Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

HTML and CSS normally work together perfectly, neither being truly useful without the other. When it comes to HTML forms though it becomes more of a struggle between the two. Input elements are used to create HTML forms, and these elements have limited styling options available. Things like text inputs »