Sending a HTML5 Canvas Web Signature with Ajax

A web signature can be used for a number of reasons. They're often added to the bottom of letters online as they would be if they were in the real world. It's also common for parcel deliveries to need signing for on tablets and mobile devices. Once the signature is »

Ajax Post Example with Complete jQuery / PHP

Using Ajax Post is something that's transformed website interaction, it allows JavaScript to send content to PHP for processing, and then data can be returned live, without the need for the page to reload. One of it's most common uses is to live update parts of a page without the »

jQuery Ajax with JSON and PHP

Ajax enables the asynchronous transfer of data between client and server. Data from the client (acquired or collated by JavaScript) is sent to a server-side script in which it can be processed, manipulated, and stored. Following this, it is highly likely that the server-side script will return some data to »