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I've been working in Web Development for the past 4 years in Manchester, UK. I have a passion for all things HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and WordPress. Plus the Ghost Platform since August 2016.

Getting Started with React JS | A Quick Start Guide

React JS is a powerful and increasingly popular JavaScript library that was created by Facebook. In the short time that it's been around it's managed to get starred over 50,000 times on GitHub and I've even noticed it appearing more and more in job advertisements. Needless to say, it's »

Animated Flag Waving Effect with TxtWav

In the past I've created a few text effect examples, but never an animated flag waving effect. When I came across Txt.Wav I was really impressed with it's simplicity and animation options that were available. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to create an effect reminiscent of the »

How To Monetize a Website | 5 Possible Solutions

Once you've got your website, and it's starting to receive traffic. The next obvious step is thinking how to monetize it. It's only natural because even if a website has only been started as a hobby, there are still hosting costs to consider. Plus with higher levels of traffic comes »

JavaScript Cookies Made Simpler with Cookies.js

JavaScript cookies have always been one of my least favourite things to work with. They always seemed more trouble than they were worth, and most of the time I found it a better solution to opt for things like localstorage, and sessionstorage. Of course, cookies do have one huge advantage »

jQuery Ajax Methods Explained - Updated for jQuery 3

Ajax is a fantastic tool for connecting the front and back ends of web development, and jQuery makes it easier. Understanding jQuery Ajax Methods is key to getting started. One issue is that the way it's done has just changes. The methods used in jQuery 1 and 2 are now »

Should I Use an Adblocker Detector?

This is a question that I recently asked myself, should I Use an Adblocker detector? Should I try and find a way to around the software to place adverts on my sites that wouldn't be blocked.I wanted to use this article to walk you through what I found, and »