WordPress SEO Plugins | My Top 3 Picks

I've run WordPress sites for years, and search engine optimization has always been one of the biggest concerns. Luckily there are WordPress SEO plugins to make the process simpler, and to help you make the most out of your sites potential. Even though I've now moved over to Ghost, I »

How EM Font Sizing Works - Step by Step Explanation

The EM value is used for a lot of things. Sometimes padding or margin, but probably most commonly for EM font sizing. At first it seems like a strange random value. Especially when you start noticing that it's not fixed like pixels. This article is going explain how it works. »

jQuery File Upload using the FileReader API

JavaScript / jQuery file upload functionality is something that was made possible as part of the HTML5 specification. It provide a relatively simple method of uploading and reading file content without the need for Ajax and PHP. Instead it makes use of the FileReader API. The FileReader API might only be »

jQuery UI Datepicker and Timepicker

The jQuery UI datepicker can be a really useful addition to a user interface, but it's missing one thing, a timepicker. By default there's no obvious solution, but there is a third party plugin which can be used. jQuery Timepicker Addon is a free, MIT licensed solution created by Trent »

The Artwork Of JavaScript

JavaScript is an essential tool for web design and development. What it's not as well known for is creating artwork, but that's exactly what it can be used for. In this article I'm going to through 3 different resources out there that generate abstract / geometric artwork almost instantly and at »

Image to Base64 Converter

There are a lot of different ways of working with web images, most involve loading files. Base64 is different though. With this technique images aren't loaded by linking to the file. Instead they're loaded by linking to the data URI. This not only means that it's all managed through the »

jQuery Pagination | A Simple and Lightweight Solution

Pagination is normally something that's commonly associated with languages like PHP. jQuery pagination though can be really useful for certain task where PHP might not be the best solution. For example, I was recently working on a project that output a lot of data onto a page using PHP, and »

Displaying PHP Array Data in Graphs with Chartist

There's the classic saying - a picture says a thousand words, and that can be true of data too. Displaying PHP array data in graphs and charts can be a perfect solution. Chartist JS is one of the best solutions for displaying visual data on a website without needing any »

WordPress to Ghost - A Move in Progress

For a while I'd been thinking about moving this site to Ghost, and a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and do just that. It wasn't an easy decision, and it did take me a bit of time to complete the transition because of the shortcodes I'd »

jQuery Tips & Tricks | Simple Solutions to Common Issues

jQuery is like all scripting or programming languages, it has its quirks. This article on jQuery tips and tricks is written with this in mind, and attempts the guide you through some of these quirks with clear and concise solutions. Most of the solutions here aren't complex, they're just not »